John Kilduff

John Kilduff lives in Van Nuys and can be reached at  We like much of his work, but his scenes which are structured around architecture and figures are exquisite.  Kilduff gives true meaning to the concept of “en plein-air.”  He actually goes to his locations with a blank canvas and leaves a few hours later with a canvas full of wonderful colors and juicy impasto.  Kilduff is a maestro in paint handling.  He has few equals today and in the framework of the 1920s, he is equal to the talent of Joseph Kleitsch.  If you love saturated colors and full, spontaneous brushwork, you will want to own one of Kilduff’s paintings.

View a Kilduff painting:

Balboa Island Ferris Wheel, by John Kilduff

John Kilduff
Balboa Ferris Wheel, Newport Beach
Oil on canvas
24 x 20 inches